Folklore Trail 1

Selkie Moon here at the start of the Folklore Trail.
You’re probably wondering how I came by my mythical name.
I turned up right after Virginia King had a series of strange experiences:
  1. Her hubby fell off a cliff and had to be rescued by helicopter. His injuries put him in a wheelchair for a year and Virginia became his carer.
  2. To cope with the stress, she had a massage one day from a woman with gifted hands. Later that night, she woke to a voice telling her to write a series of books about a ‘mythical detective’.
  3. Virginia had no idea what that meant, but the voice was so insistent that she sat down at the keyboard and waited …
Enter me, Selkie Moon, named after the Celtic seal people, who peel off their skins and dance in the moonlight in human form. Virginia has always loved the selkie myth, so that’s how the series began – and how I became her ‘mythical detective’. Soon she was hooked, exploring far-flung places full of secrets where I get to delve into psychological clues tangled up in the local folklore.
You can watch a seven-minute animation of one version of the selkie myth HERE.


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