Art with Layers Trail 3

Art from Dead Fish

Selkie here.
In THE FIRST LIE I’m trying to discover the source of the strange warning in my head that someone is trying to kill me …
Where did the message come from? The remnants of the dream? But it sounded like…a disembodied voice. With that thought an invisible presence seems to fill the space.
Something…spoke to me.
My eyes scan the walls and dozens of eyes stare back. Wanda’s artworks, fashioned from dead fish. In garish colours with painted lips. They might ooze an excess of character but they don’t speak. Although with Wanda’s gift for hocus-pocus it wouldn’t surprise me.
This is how my flatmate Wanda makes them:
Fishermen give them to her – dead fish – because she’s an art student. (Her long legs and short shorts have nothing to do with it.) She presses the corpses into squares of soft resin, adding shells to make borders. When the moulds harden she paints them and sells them at the markets as Art.

Exclusive Short Story

Read your exclusive copy of Shrivelled Pawpaw and discover the idea for Wanda’s artwork. Wanda isn’t as odd as the artist who inspired this story. Shrivelled Pawpaw also introduces Hawaii as a location in this short romance-gone-wrong.
Follow  to read about my weird experience with paintings when I went into a kind of trance.


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